A Zero-Mile Field-to-Table Organic Farm

The organic farm “Lu Taddatu” is located a few kilometers from Arzachena, in the north-east of Sardinia.

Pristine woods and fields, a mild climate whole year round and an air quality as in few places in the world, inspired our passion for this land, because in Sardinia you’ll find not only stunning beaches and unique rocks but also endless stretches of land that man still being cultivated with loving toil and passion, like in the olden days…

Where better to cultivate the Lycium Barbarum L., that’s the scientific name, whose health benefits effects have been recognized for thousands of years?

innovation and sustainability

And precisely in the context of health and wellbeing that the project “GojinSardinia” was born.


We are a young and dynamic business and we chose to focus on innovation, always respect for the environment.

The quality of our Goji berries, in fact, is based on the union of these natural resources with current market demands, always looking for natural and organic products for their own wellbeing.

A short chain, therefore, for a sustainable product.

Our fresh Berries are harvested by hand, ready to be delivered within a few hours.


In addition to the production of fresh Goji berries, we have plans for a series of products and specialities which, will soon be available in different points of sale in Sardinia, recommended and suggested by us.

100% Italian Fresh Goji Berries

grown in Sardinia

The Goji Lycium Barbarum L.






Goji berries are the small red fruits of the Lycium Barbarum L., a spontaneous growing bush of Tibetan origin, closely related to the Solanaceae family, like tomato, eggplant and pepper plants, so to speak…

For thousands of years, Goji has represented the fountain of eternal youth in traditional Chinese medicine. Since in 2600 b.C. the emperor Chen Nung, an expert in medicinal plants, made these little red berries famous by introducing their value and potential in the Far East.

Alongside the Lycium Barbarum L. there are several species congeners, like the well-known Lycium Chinense. These two varieties are often confused for each other as they are very similar, even if an experienced eye would notice immediately a different morphology.
The first species produces bigger berries, orange, never red colour, with lanceolate leaves, but the main difference is that the fruit is sweet, juicy and very palatable.
The other instead, by contrast, is bright red, its leaves shorter and wider, and it has an unpleasant, bitter aftertaste.

But the reason the Goji is so sought-after and so famous that it has defined “the longevity fruit”, lies in its high antioxidant power, in fact it holds first place in the table ORAC table (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity).

The Italian Minister for Health has added it to the list of vegetable extracts as an antioxidant supplement (legislative decree law n.169 of 21st May 2004).

A fruit able to offer real benefits to your body in an absolutely natural way

Here are some of other beneficial properties,thus they are used as:

  •   natural multivitamin
  •   boost for the immune system
  •   anti-aging effect
  •   diet ally
  •   can lower blood sugar levels
  •   improves eyesight
  •   contributes to healthy skin, hair and nails


We recommend that you always read the label; if it is only called Goji on the ingredients list, then it won’t be the authentic Lycium Barbarum L., and above all, if you want to be sure about its provenance, buy that Organic Goji berries!


Nutritional properties of 100gr of our Goji Berries











Total calories


Our Products


Our Fresh Berries are harvested by hand and ready to be delivered within 48 hours. We assure a natural product, 100% Italian, of the highest quality, coming from safe and certified organic cultivation.


Our Farm is located in Arzachena, in Gallura region, in the locality called Rena.

GPS Coordinates: 41°06’16.6″N  / 9°23’11.9″E

GojinSardinia collaborates with several local shops and outlets.

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Azienda Agricola Biologica
Lu Taddatu

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